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We welcome new members to EASAS. The constitution can be found below with full details of membership rights and obligations.


EASAS Constitution in English**

EASAS Constitution in German**


Any individual interested in supporting the objectives of the Association can become an ordinary member, irrespective of residence and nationality. Associations and corporations, irrespective of their domicile or administration, can also become supporting members, if they wish to assist the Association in meeting its objectives, on payment of annual membership fees.


Membership is continuous on paying the membership fee regularly. Membership fees are due every year (as voted by the General Meeting 2018) and are:

  1. for ordinary members €40.00;
  2. for supporting members €200.00;
  3. for students and the unemployed €20.00*.

*Those who wish to join as student members should include evidence of their status, e.g. a letter from their supervisor, or a photocopy/scan of their student card, with their membership application form. Student members need to provide evidence of their student status at least once a year.


Your membership will renew automatically. Your first membership fee will be debited immediately.

After that, the annual fee will be automatically debited from your account (SEPA, credit card, PayPal) at the beginning of every year unless you resign. Resignation has to be done before the start of the new year, otherwise the memership fee for the upcoming year will be debited.




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Please take note of the following points in order to ensure a smooth process and to avoid any confusion in acquiring EASAS membership. These comments are intended to inform members regarding the administrative aspects of EASAS and to avoid any unnecessary complications:

  • Important: Please be aware that your membership with EASAS is renewed automatically and does not expire on its own. If you wish to leave the Association, you have to cancel your membership through a written form. Termination is only possible at the end of a calendar year and premature termination is explicitly excluded.
  • EASAS wants to provide its members residing outside of Germany with the opportunity to have payment options other than bank transfer, since an international transaction is expensive due to the bank fees charged by the participating financial institutions. On this account, credit card payment is also possible within the Single Europe Payment Area (SEPA) provided your bank is not part of the SEPA Agreement.
  • If you want to conduct Membership Fee payment via a SEPA authorization, please make sure your bank is part of SEPA in a preliminary stage to avoid complications. You can find a list of countries taking part in SEPA here (EASAS does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, which is liable to change).
  • Please note: all relevant information about your EASAS membership can be found on your payment documents (including your membership number). Please store these documents digitally or as a hard copy and retain them for your reference.