FAQ Membership

How do I apply for EASAS membership? - Details/NoDetails

How is the procedure? - Details/NoDetails

What happens if I do not confirm my email and/or pay my first membership? - Details/NoDetails

What is the EASAS Dashboard? - Details/NoDetails

Where do I get my details like membership number? - Details/NoDetails

How can I update my details? - Details/NoDetails

What if my details are outdated? - Details/NoDetails

FAQ Membership Terms

How is membership with EASAS structured? - Details/NoDetails

Do I have to renew my membership regularly? - Details/NoDetails

How can I cancel my membership? - Details/NoDetails

How are ECSAS and EASAS related? - Details/NoDetails

FAQ Membership Fee Payment

Are my payment details securely stored? - Details/NoDetails

How do I pay future annual membership fees? - Details/NoDetails

What happens if I miss the payment deadline? - Details/NoDetails

What are the consequences of long outstanding membership fee payment(s)? - Details/NoDetails

What is 3D Secure 2.1? - Details/NoDetails