EASAS Dashboard - See Your Account Information and Pay Future Invoices


EASAS Dashboard


Please take note of the following points in order to ensure a smooth process and to avoid any confusion in acquiring EASAS membership. These comments are intended to inform members regarding the administrative aspects of EASAS and to avoid any unnecessary complications:

  • Important: Please be aware that your membership with EASAS is renewed automatically and does not expire on its own. If you wish to leave the Association, you have to cancel via your dashboard. Termination is only possible at the end of a calendar year and premature termination is explicitly excluded.

For more information on payment processes and Terms & Conditions regarding EASAS membership, please visit our FAQ section!

Your Dashboard allows for:

  • Payment processes
  • downloading your invoices
  • downloading payment receipts
  • checking your membership status

Currently, your dashboard is not editable for security reasons. In order to update your account details, please send an email to office@easas.eu.